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Bow Tie Collaborative Bootcamp

To take a great photo, you MUST shoot in MANUAL. Take your camera out of AUTO. Our Boot Camp will prepare you with the tools to get your camera out of AUTO forever! 

Our next Bootcamp has been scheduled for:

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 1-5PM 
In Our Home - Apex, NC

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This is the Bootcamp you have been asking for!! From parents capturing real family moments, to business owners increasing sales and strengthening their brand…THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!!
AFRAID of your DSLR?
 NOT SURE what to do with that FANCY NEW CAMERA?
BASIC DSLR EDUCATION (Introduction to ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and the relationship between them)
LIGHTING (Using natural light, understanding mixed lighting, How to avoid it, How to shoot at any time of day)
COMPOSITION (Introduction to Composition and how to choose the right lens for different images and why)
TIPS & TRICKS (Making A LOT out of A LITTLE)
Questions about if our Bootcamp is a good fit for you? Read our Q&A blog post -  BTC Bootcamp Q&A
What are past attendees saying about Bootcamp?
"This class was so fun and inspiring and encouraging! Exactly what I needed to start something I've been wanting to do for so long!" - Jamie R.
"Learning the relationship between aperture, shutter speed & ISO was so valuable! I realized I've been doing this wrong the entire time!" -Tiffany Q.
"So much better than self -learning from you tube!" - Claire M.
"This class was so valuable! Even knowing quite a bit, I really learned lots of tips and tricks to more make my photographs so much better!" - Ashlea Y.
"I would absolutely recommend this class with Ashley! She is a natural teacher and I learned so much I could apply right away to make my photographs better!" -Allison H.
"Loved how Ashley broke it down and made it so approachable. The reiteration was key with difficult concepts! I would totally recommend this class for the photography enthusiast!" - Mary N.
"Excellent Class! She brought everything together that I have been reading and it makes so much more sense!" -Catherine D.