Photoshop Help

All our templates are created in Adobe Photoshop. You must have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed on your computer to edit these files. A basic working knowledge of using Photoshop is required to implement the instructions below. 

Inserting your own photos and images

1. Open up the .psd template and the images you would like to use in your Photoshop software.

2. Go to an Image. Select All (Command + A) then Copy (Command + C).

3. Click over to your template. Paste (Command + V).

4. Making sure that the photo layer is selected, you can now free transform (Command + T) and resize the photo to suit your needs. Hold down the shift key to keep your proportions while you drag a corner to adjust the size of the photo. 

– PC Users: Use Control instead of Command.

5. Repeat these steps for any other images you want to add.

Changing Text

1. Download fonts and then install to your computer before editing any text.

2. Change any text using the text type tool (T)

3. Go to Window/Character in the top navigation bar to open the character palette. From this palette you are able to adjust the font, size, color, spacing, kerning etc. of all your type. 

Saving Files

1. Save a .psd file. This is a working file will allow you to go in an make changes whenever you want. 

2. Save a .jpg. This is a flattened file. Once it is flattened, you will not be able to edit it again. If you are saving it to print it needs to be 300dpi. If you are saving it for a digital file to send in an email etc. it needs to be at least 72dpi. If you are sending it to a lab or printer to print for you, check with them to see exactly what size they need.